Applications may be made to the Society administration (PO Box 12300 Thorndon, Wellington 6144 or at any time.

I wish to apply for a travel grant of $__________ to support travel outlined below.

Signed: __________________________ Date: _____________________

Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________



Tel: ______________________________

Purpose of travel:

Note: If your application is to enable attendance at a conference please state whether your paper has been accepted.

Proposed Itinerary (include dates):

Brief curriculum vitae of the applicant:

Anticipated Benefit of the Travel:

Projected costs (in NZD):

Travel ________________

Accommodation ________________

Conference/Workshop ________________

Micellaneous ________________

Total Cost ________________

Source(s) of Additional funding:

Does the purpose of the travel relevant to currently funded projects or your core function in your primary employment ? (if so give details)

Please provide any other information you believe is relevant to this application, including timeframes

The Society is grateful to Aqualinc for their annual sponsorship.