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Dr Richard Hawke
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Dr MS Srinivasan, a hydrologist with NIWA in Christchurch and an Executive

member of the Society, has started a new initiative of recording the times and

memories of country's senior hydrologists. If you know people that would like to

be involved in this project, please contact MS at ms.srinivasan@niwa.co.nz.


Take some time to read and/or listen to the memories below.  


Hugh Thorpe                           

    Biographical Data                                                   HThorpe Credit UCanterburyNZ

    Part One     Jogging the memory lane

    Part Two     My introduction to Groundwater

    Part Three  Emergence of Groundwater in NZ

    Part Four    Dam break analysis 

    Part Five     First irrigation well in Canterbury

    Part Six      Story of canal surge   




Richard Ibbitt Easy-Resize.comRichard Ibbitt

Biographical Data

Part One    Arrival in NZ - Early work

Part Two    Birth of TiDeDa

Part Three  Data Quality

Part Four    Early years of TiDeDa 1

Part Five    Early years of TiDeDa 2

Part Six     Electronic Recording System

Part Seven Rakaia Bed Plot Problem

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